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Skin Care Tips – The 20 Best Foods for Healthy Skin

What you eat affects the health of your skin. The nutrients that your food contains are responsible for the maintenance of your skin. Fresh food, fruits and protein are better for the health of your skin than eating processed food. Here are twenty foods that will improve the complexion, texture and health of your skin and giving you that glow.

1.   Eggs


Eggs are one of best food for skin, especially for oily skin. Egg yolks are best known for fatty acid which can make your skin moistures while egg whites provide protein that make pores tighter and remove excessive oil. Besides, egg white can be used for preventing or fighting with acnes.

2.   Avocados


They contain essential fatty fats; these are fatty acids that cannot be produced in the body. Avocados also contain many vitamins and minerals that have beneficial effects on the skin’s health including; Vitamin C and Vitamin E; an anti-oxidant is responsible for protection from sun rays and other external factors. Slices of Avocado can be included in salads or eaten after peeling.

3.   Sun Flower seeds and Almonds

Sun Flower seeds and Almonds

Sun Flower seeds, Almond seeds and oils are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals essential for skin health. Some of these nutrients include vitamins and antioxidants that help protect the skin from injuries. Sunflower seeds help your skin stay strong, young and smooth. Older people are advised to eat sunflower seeds or use the oil more to reduce the wrinkling of the skin due to old age. Sun flower and Almonds contain Linoleic acid; an essential fat for healthy skin and it is present in their oils too

4.   Broccoli and Green Vegetables

Broccoli and Green Vegetables

This green vegetable contains important minerals and vitamins that boost the immune system and strengthens the skin. The skin is the first protective layer of the body so any boost to the immune system is visible on the skin. Eating broccoli helps the production of collagen. It also contains sulforaphane which protects the skin from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun.

5.   Tomatoes


Tomatoes contain vitamin C and all of the major carotenoids which are important for a healthy skin. The fruit can be eaten as a snack or sliced as an addition to meals.

6.   Green tea

Green tea

Green tea contains catechins and anti-oxidants which can help protect your skin from sun burns. It also improves the moisture and thickness of the skin and prevents your skin from damaging and wrinkling as ageing occurs

7.   Red Bell Peppers and Yellow Bell Peppers

Red Bell Peppers and Yellow Bell Peppers

These spices contain beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin A. They help protect the structure of the skin and prevent it from aging and wrinkling.

8.   Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of beta carotene and vitamin A. Eating sweet potatoes help protect the skin from harsh sun rays.

9.   Spinaches


These vegetables contain anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. Spinaches prolong the life of skin cells and they prevent the skin from becoming dry and wrinkled.

10.  Carrots


Carrots contain carotenoids which may add a warm, reddish glow to your skin improving your complexion.

11. Soy Beans and Soy Milk

Soy Beans and Soy Milk

Soy regulates the secretion of the hormone estrogen which affects skin elasticity and moisture. Eating soy may improve skin dryness, elasticity, and eliminate wrinkles.

12. Lean meat and poultry

Lean meat and poultry

These protein meals also contain minerals like zinc and iron which contributes to skin health and blood production. The protein also repairs worn tissues rapidly causing the skin to be healthier and stronger.

13.  Dark Chocolate and cocoa products

Dark Chocolate and cocoa products

Cocoa products help prevent aging and dry skin by keeping the skin thick and hydrated. Chocolates are high in calorie content so it is advisable to limit the intake.

14. Red Wine

Red Wine

Little quantities of Red wine help reduce the effects of aging on the skin. Red wines contain Resveratrol which slows down the aging process. Alcohol should be taken in moderation because taking excess of it can have adverse effects on the health of your skin.

15.  Walnuts


These nuts contain many essential fatty acids including omega-3 and omega-6 more than any other nut. They also contain selenium, Zinc, vitamin E and vitamin C which are important to your skin’s health. Eating walnuts prevents the skin from inflammation and irritation.

16. Straw berries and other citrus fruits

Straw berries and other citrus fruits

These contain large amounts of vitamin C, an important ingredient in the production of collagen. The structure of the skin is made from collagen so eating these fruits makes the skin stronger and healthier.

17. Salmon, Mackerel and other fatty fish

Salmon, Mackerel and other fatty fish

They contain Omega-3 fatty acids that keep the skin supple and moisturized. The fatty acids can reduce rashes, acne and all inflammations. These fish also contain zinc and iron. High protein content keeps the skin continually fresh and strong.

18. Olive oil

Olive oil

These contain monosaturated fatty acids which prevent the effects of ageing on the skin. The oil also contain anti-oxidants which protects the skin from injuries.

19. Oatmeal


This cereal offers protein and other nutrients which regulates the secretion of certain hormones. Oatmeal help reduce the intake of heavier carbohydrates and it prevents the emergence of pimples.

20. Rosemary, Turmeric, thyme and other spices

Rosemary, Turmeric, thyme and other spices

These spices contain many active ingredients that clear and remove toxins and waste products from the skin. They also have the ability to reduce the risk of cancer.

Things to remember when you begin a skin therapy

Things to remember when you begin a skin therapy

It is important to note that what we put in our body is reflected on our skins. While you begin to include some of these foods in your diet to improve the health of your skin, remember to stay away from processed food, fast food, and heavy carbohydrates and sugary food. These refined carbohydrates are converted to glucose in the bloodstream forcing your body to release hormones that may lead to pimples. If it possible to replace sugar in cereal and tea with chopped fruits, this would be good for the skin.

Some other things to do to improve the health of your skin

Some other things to do to improve the health of your skin

  • Have a good skin care routine with quality products. Body soap, moisturizer, cream and ointments must be applied regularly on the skin surface
  • Shower regularly
  • Practice yoga
  • Exercise daily to burn excess energy and maintain physical fitness.


Remember that the journey to good and healthy skin is not an easy one. It may take up to six weeks after a change in diet and lifestyle before there any significant changes in skin complexion or skin health is noticed.

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