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Things You Need To Take Care Of Before A Heart Surgery

Imagining the process of an open heart surgery, one might think of it as a medical wonder. Speaking of an open heart surgery, to explain it in short, it is the process of placing a device or a machine which helps pump the blood in the body instead of the heart. Such a major surgery would frighten the patient and lead them into second guessing, but it is necessary to know that getting this surgery is totally normal and the doctors are well experienced and trained enough to handle if or any complications that might occur.

Considering taking a second opinion

Once after the patient is suggested to undergo an open heart surgery, it is necessary to consider taking second opinion. This does not mean that you don’t trust your doctor but it is always advisable to seek for a second opinion in cases of major surgeries just to be fully sure of you other options and calm your doubts, if any. if at all, your home country is an expensive place for a medical treatment and you cannot afford to take a second opinion, you can always opt for other countries like India which provide equally good treatment and have well trained and well experienced doctors in aid of the patients at much cheaper and affordable cost as compared to western countries like the UK and USA. The heart surgery hospitals in India are well equipped with all the modern technology and hence, even at cheaper cost, the quality of the treatment isn’t compromised

Precautions to be taken before the surgery

  • It is preferable that you stop smoking and cut the intake of alcohol in your body. If not, this could hinder your process of healing after the surgery. Your immune system and functioning of the various body organs is harmed by the alcohol.
  • It is advised to exercise some breathing techniques to strengthen the liver in order to reduce chances of suffering from diseases like pneumonia and other lung related disorders after the surgery
  • It is important for your body to be healthy before the surgery in order to heal well. For this, you need to eat health and take care of yourself by doing regular exercise.
  • It is not possible for you alone to take care of all the things you need or to understand and carry all communications with the hospital and the doctors, for this reason, it is necessary that you involve your family or close friends to help you out with this process. Introduce them to your doctor and list them as close family or friends in the hospital and under emergency contacts so that it becomes easier for them to contact in case of any emergency.

Recovering after the surgery

It is to be understood that after going through a major process as such, your body will need time to heal and get back to normal. a slow recovery in cases like this is normal and nothing to be worried about. Ask your doctor to provide you with the list instructions and precaution of things you need to follow and keep in mind

Why should you choose to have heart surgery in India?

Out of many reasons of why one should choose India as their medical treatment destination, few are listed below:

  • The cost of procedure is much cheaper than western countries like the UK and USA.
  • India has best heart surgery hospitals with well experienced team of doctors who are available for the aid of the patients.
  • Though it is much cheaper than the western countries, the facilities provided in the hospitals and the quality of the treatment is not compromised.
  • The hospitals provide experienced and trained staff to help the patients.
  • Hospitals in India are well equipped with the latest and modern technologies to help the betterment of the patients.

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