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5 Lifestyle Factors That Can Affect Your Dental Health

Your dental healthy may still suffer even if you brush, floss and rinse your teeth regularly. Have you ever wondered why? Well, it could boil down to your lifestyle choices – what you eat, how much you obey the dentist’s instructions and so on.

Even if you don’t ignore your oral health altogether, it may be your ‘bad habits’ that can harm your teeth and gums greatly. And if your lifestyle choices are not good, you may always be at a greater risk to gum disease, periodontitis and gingivitis.

Don’t forget, how you conduct yourself may also affect the health of your teeth. Worse still, you just can’t ignore your oral health given that it’s linked to your overall wellbeing. Which means, any dental issue may lead to health issue, if left unchecked.

So, always focus on giving superior care to your dental health else it might dent your overall health for sure. Never ignore any signs or symptoms of oral pain and consult the dentist immediately.

Here are 5 lifestyle factors that can affect your dental health –

#1 Eating or drinking too much sugary items

Sugar is extremely harmful for your dental health. It’s easily the biggest cause of cavities leading to tooth decay. The sugary items you consume will get converted into acids by the bacteria present in your mouth. Over time, the same acids start to chip away at teeth and correct them gradually. Holes and cavities are the end result when your teeth enamel is attacked by acids.

Clearly, we must stay away from sugary items such as soft drinks, fruit juices, cakes, candies, energy drinks, sport drinks etc if we want to get healthy teeth and gums. Even if you can’t ditch sugar that easily, take a baby step towards reducing the intake and you will soon develop a good habit over time.

#2 Consuming too much acidic items

We like waking up to a hot cup of tea of coffee. We then drink caffeinated beverages all long day as if they were elixir to life. We party, and we drink wine, alcohol without any care in the world. We drink fruit juices and sport juices believing them to keep us healthy, but we are wrong.

Acidic foods are harmful to our dental health. They attack the sensitive and soft enamel and may weaken your teeth structure over time. Worse still, with constant consumption of acidic foods or drinks, we may even put our teeth are a risk of decay. So, cut down their intake and take a solid step towards maintaining superior dental health.

#3 Smoking or use of tobacco products

We know smoking is harmful yet that never deters us from lighting a cigarette in between the work. We smoke as if it will take us to nirvana. Some chew tobacco products as if they body would respond well to that and ensure bulging biceps and triceps. Tobacco in any form is bad for your dental health and the earlier you understand the better.

Not only tobacco stains or discolours your teeth but may also lead to oral cancer risks. Since smoking leads to a build up of bacteria, there will always be a risk of gum disease. Your oral health will suffer greatly if you smoke and it’s advisable to quit the habit and get on top of your dental health.

#4 Drinking alcohol on a regular basis

Downing a peg or two once in a while is not going to harm. It can actually help your overall health. But when alcohol consumption is a habit, your dental health will suffer. Even if alcohol is considered healthy, this does not mean you develop a habit of it and consume every night as if some ritual.

Apart from teeth stains and discoloration, alcohol consumption may also be the cause of higher plaque levels on the teeth. In fact, tipplers are more likely to suffer from tooth loss than the rest of sane men. And yes, alcohol leaves you with a dry mouth and thus can help bacteria grow to cause damages including bad breath and tooth decay.

#5 Not using teeth for right purposes

Our teeth are for chewing and eating. They are never meant to open bottles as you do regularly do. This can make your teeth get chipped, cracked, or fractured. Your enamel might erode over time leading to a risk of tooth decay. The same happens when you crunch on ice or cut strings with teeth regularly or rip open packets or packages consistently.

These are habits you can easily get rid of to ensure dental health. And if you could not, there might always be a risk of tooth decay or tooth misalignment.  And in such case, you may need to consult the dentist, ask about teeth braces price and ready for wearing metal braces.

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Praveen Singh is a writer and blogger, and a professional interested in sharing interesting ideas with the world. His blogs give a peek into things that aim to inform, enrich and entertain the readers. He loves sharing views on anything that provides value to the readers and helps broaden their horizon.

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