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Top 5 Healthiest Fruits To Eat

Top 5 Healthiest Fruits To Eat: Fruit is part of plant which is developed from the flower . Most of the fruit contains seeds in the inner body but as we know there are always exceptions the exception in the fruit is banana. Banana is a fruit which has no seed in it . Doctor always recommend us to eat different fruits when we are sick. The reason behind this recommendation is that the fruits and vegetables are rich source of vitamins and minerals and they are also rich in fibres. So today we are discussing aboutĀ  top five fruits we should eat.

Top 5 Healthiest Fruits To Eat

1) Apple


We are familiar with the quote write “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” , actually it is right because an apple contains most of the nutrients fibre and also rich in antioxidants. Top 5 healthiest fruits is the most consumed fruits in the world . It is helpful in reducing the risk of developing cancer , hypertension ,diabetes and heart disease. It is easy digestible so to live a healthy life eat an appleĀ  a day.

2) Pomegranates


Pomegranates are red in colour and we ate the seed of the pomegranate.

It is sweet in taste and increase the haemoglobin of the humans. The person who are anaemic are advised to eat pomegranate. It is rich in fibre, protein ,Vitamin C ,vitamin K ,folate potassium.

3) Banana


Banana is well known for its property that it’s provide instant energy as Top 5 healthiest fruits is a rich source of many nutrients vitamins and minerals. Many athletes and gymnast use banana when they are competing in the competitions and it helps to increase their performance. It contains dietary fibre carbohydrates and protein. In vitamins it contains vitamin B6 Vitamin C and in minerals it contains magnesium, potassium and copper .It protect against ulcer , kidney disorders and useful in healthy weight gain.

4) Blueberries


Top 5 healthiest fruits is a very tiny fruit. It is somehow of black and purple colour.

Blueberries are known for their antioxidant properties. They are very much rich in antioxidants . They have a very energetic property and provides energy in old persons which let them happy and healthy.They are low in calorie and sweet in taste when they are mature .They are high in antioxidants and helps to find cancer. It also boost brain health and support digestion. It is also healthy for your heart.

5) Papaya


Papaya is a vibrant yellow colour fruit. It is a fleshy part which we eat .It is sweet in taste it is a rich source of antioxidants and it has anti-aging properties .It reduces the risk of cancer. It is helpful for bone health because it contains vitamin K . It makes you digestion strong and also helpful in heart diseases.

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