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How to Use an Epilator Properly? A Comprehensive Guide to Great Skin.

Epilating sure does seem like a challenging job to accomplish. Those tweezing tips aligned along the epilator head make it even more intimidating to the eye. However in light of maintaining your body aesthetics, if you have finally mustered the courage and have sat yourself down for the session, make sure you do the job properly. Yes, there are ways you could be going wrong about epilating. Find out how to avoid all those mistakes:

Premium Quality:

This step cannot be over emphasized; a good quality epilator is paramount to a successful epilation. Find one with a good, heavy duty motor and machinery. This helps make sure that the epilator lasts you long and that while you use the device, you get amazing results. A sturdy device that has precise tweezers helps remove hairs faster and remains gentle on your skin.

Bracing your skin for the ride:

Don’t just dive into the process; prep your skin for the process. This can be achieved by a quick hop in the shower. You can also go ahead and brush yourself up with a loofah to gently massage your skin. If you do ahead and exfoliate the area you are planning to exfoliate, that is the best preparation to have your skin undergo. Exfoliation with a scrubbing gel or paste or just a brush helps expose ingrown hairs and leads to an amazing exfoliation session.

Identify your skin type:

As obviously significant, know your skin. If your skin leans more towards the sensitive side, find an best epilator for women that won’t be harsh on your skin. It certainly helps you to attain better results with little to no problems while you are trying to exfoliate.

Razors are not your enemies:

The best way to ensure that you get the best out of your epilating session is to trim the hairs as close to the skin as possible, beforehand. Shaving is an excellent method to get there! When you keep your hairs short before epilating, you are keeping a lot of pain at bay. So, don’t shun away that pair of razors just yet!

Choosing the method:

You could go either of two ways, dry epilation or wet epilation, there are suitable devices for both choices. Wet epilators can be used in the shower, that is alongside splashes of water as well, dry epilators on the other hand require your skin to be not so wet and dripping with water. It is preferable to go for wet epilation as it allows you more freedom.

Start vrooming:

Take a deep breath, hold your skin taut as you turn the device on . If it is one with a cord, make sure you make yourself comfortable next to a power outlet. Start moving the device along your skin against the direction of your hair growth and glide the epilator across your skin. That’s all there is to the act of actually epilating!


The key to successful epilation is a good prepping up and a simple non-hesitant approach. With this, you can be sure to get perfect hair removal every time!

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