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Growing Popularity of Medical Treatments in India

Medical tourism or the phenomena of people traveling to another country for medical treatment is really getting popular these days. Medical tourism in India implies the travelling of patients from other countries to India for their medical treatments. Due to many reasons, which we will be discussing in length below, India has gained an edge over many other countries for medical tourism. Ranked among the top three Asian destinations for medical tourism, India accounted for around sixty percent of Asian healthcare revenue, in the year 2012. Between 2014 and 2018, the medical tourism sector in India is further expected to grow around twenty percent. By the year 2018, this promising sector for India is expected to account for up to USD 6 billion.

Growing popularity of Medical Tourism in India

Based on the present day medical sector picture of India, we can clearly see that medical tourism is on a high growth path here. For this, the below-mentioned factors are responsible:

Reasonable costs

The most prominent reason for any foreign patient considering medical treatments in India is that they are budget-friendly. The healthcare packages abroad can burn a hole in your pockets and thus, foreign patients are considering the option of quality healthcare and better assistance for their condition in India at reasonable costs. With relatively lower hospital costs, these patients visiting India are also able to save their hard-earned money to afford an extended stay at the hospital during their recovery and rehabilitation, which is otherwise very expensive in their home country.

Bypassing waiting lists

This is another big reason why patients from abroad choose to avail medical packages in India. While they are required to wait longer for the same in their country of origin, they enjoy immediate attention to their health concern in India. Recently, the Indian Government has also relaxed some rigid visa norms and applied a new E-visa policy that proactively works for blooming the domain of medical tourism in India.

Quality healthcare and world-class doctors

India is home to state-of the-art healthcare technologies and hospitals, which are in some cases match or surpass the ones found in developed nations. Also, the credentials and experience of physicians and surgeons in the top hospitals in India are attractive. In perfect sync with the latest technologies and procedures, these doctors are able to provide world-class treatments, growing trust in the hearts of medical tourists.

Customised approach

There are many companies and hospitals in India that are acclaimed to assist the foreign patients’ medical tourism with a well-thought out plan. They provide comprehensive services for their entire travel, including obtaining a medical visa, preparing documents, spacing appointments and stay and easing transportation for medical care. As some medical tourists consider this a lifetime opportunity to visit the Incredible India, they are also provided facility of sightseeing by these agencies.

These reasons account for bringing in a surprisingly big share of tourists seeking medical treatments, to India. The medical tourism sector was dominated by the developed countries like USA and Singapore in the past, but now India has started to make its presence felt firmly. Medical treatments in the area of cardiology, orthopaedics and neurology are the most popular ones in India. With this thriving pharmaceutical industry, growth of insurance market, cheap and easy travel and improvement in health care, India is definitely working its way to become the most-preferred medical tourism destination in the world.

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