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Apps That Make Life with Disability A Little Easier

Whether its being visually impaired, hearing impaired or being physically disabled, life can be a real grind. Day to day tasks that are considered simple can be difficult or even impossible to do.

However, the good news is, technology hasn’t stood on the sidelines when it comes to making life easier. App developers are now devising solutions to help people living with a disability have easier, hassle-free lives by creating assistive apps on smartphones.

With this in mind, we have prepared a list of some of the best Apple and Android apps that enrich the lives of persons living with disabilities.

Apps for wheelchair users

1.      Wheelmap

Wheelmap is a simple app that helps in searching for wheelchair-accessible places around you. The app allows you to add marks for accessible places for future reference.

You can also get a chance to upload comments and photos of places you have traveled to help others in deciding whether the areas are fit for them.

Wheelmap is available for iPhone and Android users.

2.       Tecla Access

This is an app developed to provide the user with all the tools needed to access your cell phone without having to pick it up.

The app has an inbuilt voice recognition feature, allowing the user to control their device using their voice, completely hands-free.

The app is available for android users only.

3.       Wheelmate

Wheelmate app helps you to locate wheelchair accessible parking spaces and restrooms. With more than 30,000 locations you are assured to find accessible parking spaces and restrooms wherever you go.

Locations available on the map are added and verified by people using wheelchairs to ensure all the locations are mobility friendly.

The app is available for both apple and android users.

Apps for the visually impaired

4.     Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is an IOS mobile app connecting the visually impaired to volunteers who help them identify things around them.

Through a video call, the blind person gets an opportunity to get help from a sighted volunteer in completing tasks that would require normal vision. The visually impaired person ‘borrows’ the sighted person’s eyes to help them solve any problems they might be facing around them.

Be My Eyes app is free and available on Apple’s AppStore.

5.      Learn Braille Alphabet

Learn Braille Alphabet is another brilliant app that helps the visually impaired community learn, speak and write the Braille alphabet easily.

The application is popular with adults and children allowing them to learn at their own pace, thanks to its friendly user interface layout.

Learn Braille Alphabet is professionally designed with an interactive user interface and colorful animation to motivate and encourage them to learn the Braille alphabet.

The app is available for both Apple and Android users.

6.      Light Detector

The light detector application was designed to be a massive help for visually impaired persons.

The app allows you to transform any form of light to sound. For example, if you had your lamp switched on and wanted to get it to safety, you simply use your phone’s camera to point out where the lamp is (source of light) and the app will produce a pitched sound. The pitch of the sound will depend on the intensity of the source of light.

This offers you a better way to discover things around you easily.

Light Detector is available only for iPhone users.

Apps for people with dyslexia

7.     Ghotit Real Writer

Ghotit Real Writer is an app helping people with dysgraphia and dyslexia write better by correcting writing errors.

When writing a text, the app will quickly recognize any misspelled word and correct it along with any grammar or punctuation issues. The app is developed with tools that offer advanced word prediction and the best grammar correction capabilities.

The app is available on Apple’s App Store.

8.     ER Browser

ER Browser is another app for people with dyslexia, designed to make the web a stress-free place to surf with minimum fuss.

ER Browser allows you to customize your web pages through themes and features that make navigation and reading simple. The apps also allow you to choose over 100 backgrounds, scientifically proven to aid in usability and bookmarking pages.

The application is available in Apple’s AppStore.

Apps for people with autism

9.      Miracle Modus

Miracle Modus was developed to help people with autism by decreasing severe sensory overload by the use of hypnotic colors, soft sounds, and shapes.

The app was developed by an autistic developer who felt the need to have a soothing app in a stressful situation or when one is going through a long hard day.

The application is available to both the iPhone and Android users.

10. Book Creator

This is the perfect app for autistic children who are looking to create their own stories, comic books, journals or anything of their own. This app works best on iPads and is quite easy for children of all ages.

You can download the app on Apple’s AppStore.

Final word,

We all have our own unique challenges in life. Some are bigger and others smaller, some requiring more assistance than others to get over. With the apps above you are sure to get some assistance to make your challenges a little easier.

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