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10 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Try Weight Training

Leaving the benefits of cardio aside, losing fat, getting in shape, and building an overall strong body is virtually impossible without weight training. Whether you choose to attend a gym workout or do it at home is entirely up to you. Heavy weight lifting is associated with achievement because it isn’t easy.

Are you afraid of including weight training in your workout routine because you think that it will make you muscular like men? Don’t worry because that won’t happen unless you want it. Testosterone levels in women are anyway lower than men. In fact weight training will improve your looks and make you feel younger. Apart from the physical benefits of weight lifting, it has mental health benefits as well.

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Benefits of Weight Training for Women

#1 Burns Body Fat

Weight training benefits include the transformation of fat into muscle. It increases lean body mass and as a result, more calories are burned throughout the day. A combination of a low-calorie diet and weight training helps retain lean body mass. Cardio workout like running along with a low-calorie diet leads to weight loss, which mostly includes lean body mass. Weight training helps lose belly fat faster as compared to aerobic exercise, which burns muscle as well as fat.

#2 Body Toning

Don’t we all want that fine figure that turns heads? Weight lifting is a sure shot way to achieve that toned and sleek body. A toned body must not be confused with looking good; a toned body means building lean muscle mass. A balanced mix of cardio workout and strength training helps achieve that figure by burning fat. Building lean muscle mass makes you look fit and beautiful irrespective of your shape and body type. Even the avatars of great bodies like Jennifer Lopez mix cardio with strength training.

#3 Stronger Bones

Weight training focuses on bones as well as muscles. According to experts, the muscles tug on the bones when you perform weight training exercises, which leads to the production of new bone cells. It increases bone density making your bones stronger. However, you cannot achieve strong bones without being consistent. Research suggests that lifting heavy weight regularly helps build bones, especially in women at high risk of bone-related problems. Attending yoga classes can contribute to your bone health as well.

#4 Prevents Injuries

Strong muscles support the joints, which helps you maintain form and joint integrity. Squatting low is good for your knees; training well is the only solution to joint issues. You must know the post-run ache if you’re a runner. Weight training builds stronger muscles that properly support your joints and prevent them from shifting positions. If you lift, you don’t have to worry about problems while running.

#5 Improved Running Performance

Your performance will improve as your muscles become stronger. A lot of us have a weak core, which leads to an imbalanced body. Building a strong core improves body weight support and form while exercising. The increased strength in your arms and legs will allow you to run properly and for longer. According to experts, strength training increases muscle fibers that improve performance in addition to burning more calories during cardio.

#6 Boosting Metabolism

With age, metabolism slows down, which makes it easier for you to gain weight but difficult to lose it. Again, weight training helps prevent the slowing of your metabolism, which is why trainers recommend it. Your metabolism and muscle mass are directly related. Muscles contain living cells that convert glucose into energy. Muscle loss will lead to lesser cells and you can imagine what that means – low energy. Strength training helps prevent age-related muscle loss.

#7 Lowered Risk of Diabetes

No matter the age, diabetes is a serious disease that can trouble anyone. While dieting is unavoidable, you need to work out as well. Strength training helps build better tolerance to glucose. A study in which participants did strength training while being on a high fructose diet witnessed reduced inflammation, improved lipid profile, and increased insulin sensitivity.

#8 Increased Flexibility

Sounds illogical, right? Well, it isn’t. The stretching and contracting motions improve flexibility by building strong muscles and bones. Include different strength training exercises to target all parts of the body for the best weight training benefits. The way to increase flexibility is to perform the full range of motion of the exercise. You need to work with lighter weights if you cannot perform the entire up and down or front and back motions.

#9 Relieves Stress

Mental health benefits are an important advantage of exercising. Weight lifting for 2-3 days each week improves concentration, as it requires unwavering focus. Such a strong focus shifts your mind from the thoughts of work or anything that might be bothering you, which lowers anxiety and depression and relieves stress. As your body functions and body shape improves, you feel good about yourself, which imparts positivity to your thought process.

#10 Undisturbed Sleep

Sleep is one of the major factors in defining health. Strength training or weight lifting burns extra energy and your sleep pattern improves. Sleep is essential to repair muscles and rejuvenate yourself. Lifting weights will help you bring your sleep pattern back to normal.

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