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5 Tips to Include Reuse, Recycle and Reduce in Your Daily Life

The 3-R Formula in the field of environmental science that has ever existed has become the talk of the day. But, isn’t it necessary to keep pollution at check every single day, not only on just one day in a year? It is possible to save our Mother Earth and keep her clean by implementing a few simple things in our everyday life. This article will explore 5 Tips to Include Reuse, Recycle and Reuse in Your Daily Life, which will make you feel less guilty about harming our living planet.

#1 Mind the Water

Water covers 75% of the Earth out of which only 3% is potable. But unfortunately, most of this potable water is in the form of ice. There is only a tiny fraction of water available for human use. So, it is the duty of every human inhabiting this Earth to respect each and every drop of it. So, optimizing the utility of water is the need of the hour. We should try to use water until it is no longer usable. For example, we can collect water used to wash vegetables or fruits, filter it using laboratory filters like  Bottle Top Filters and use it for other purposes like watering the plants or washing dishes.

#2 Segregate Wastes

Our cleaning routines should include separating household wastes into dry, wet and e-waste. Dry wastes include paper, plastic, glass, aluminum foil, etc. Wet wastes include Stale food, vegetables, fruits, vegetable peels, etc. Damaged cell phones, accessories and other waste electronic gadgets (including emptied batteries) are e-waste.

Dry wastes can be segregated and papers can be recycled. Your city’s waste collection system should collect them often.

You could convert wet wastes into natural fertilizers to be used in gardens. To do this, you need to store them in spill-proof Waste Storage Cabinets where they get decomposed for a few days, if possible in a compost unit. You can use them as plant fertilizers or even produce biogas to use in the kitchen.

#3 Be Creative

There are some things like plastic bottles which cannot be completely avoided in daily life. So, we have to reduce their use as far as possible, for example, you can prefer to purchase fluids in glass bottles than plastic bottles (glass decomposes easily than plastic). These plastic or glass bottles may get a creative form to become vases, pen holders, etc from those bottles. Just that you need some time and a free mind. You can also involve your kids in this and motivate them with Science Mugs as gifts.

#4 Reuse Paper as Much as Possible

To save Earth, we need to save trees. But, papers are made from trees. So, in a way,  using more paper means encouraging deforestation. So, in order to reduce the guilt of murdering the trees and choking our dear earth, we should optimize the use of paper. For example, you could use the other side of the single-sided printed sheet, use old newspapers for cleaning, etc. Also, avoid using paper cups, plates, and water bottles. Use coffee mugs or personal water bottles instead. Also, use cloth towels instead of paper towels.

#5 Reduce the Use of Plastic

With “Beat Plastic Pollution” being the theme of the World Environmental Day this year, the whole human race has taken the pledge to save earth from plastic pollution. So, everyone should reduce the use of plastic, because plastic is a non-biodegradable substance (microbes can’t decompose them) and will just get heaped upon the surface of the earth. After many years, the entire earth surface will be covered with a plastic covering, affecting the lives of thousands of species. The soft drink plastic bottles which you purchase now will not get decomposed even during the time of your great-grandchildren. So, you may want to use the alternatives to plastic like paper packaging, metal bottles, etc.

If plastic is inevitable, make sure it is made up of biodegradable plastic. Also, try to purchase things in bulk, so that less packaging is used in it (this will also save you some money as bulk goods cost less).

But note that you should not reuse some commodities viz. medical equipment like syringes, ez io needles, etc. You must be careful while disposing of them properly. Do consult the disposing regulations of your area.

There were a few tips to implement the 3R mantra in our daily life and hand over the only living planet to our children in a good condition, to ensure that many more generations shall live here and enjoy the life we have got from our ancestors and ensure a healthy and happy life for all the inhabitants of the Earth.

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