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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

You might be wondering what makes a hardtail electric mountain bike so special or why you should pick it over any other type of electric bike. Or perhaps you’re just looking to broaden your knowledge on them.

Well, keep reading and we will tell you the 5 most important reasons why you should pick a hardtail electric mountain bike over any other type.

1. They’re perfect for beginners
A hardtail electric mountain bike is without a doubt the best electric bike a beginner could have. They are the perfect platform to start honing in on your skills as a cyclist. With no rear suspensions, you will be able to feel every bump on the trail as you ride along it, which will help you learn very quickly where the best place for your wheels would be on the trail.

You will often find when you’re riding on a trail, that the best route to ride on is also the smoothest one, which therefore makes it the quickest route you could take on your chosen trail and there is nothing quite like the unforgiving rear end of the hardtail electric mountain bike to teach you that.

Hardtail electric mountain bikes are also very simple and straight-forward, which makes them ideal to newcomers to mountain biking. Its simple design makes it easy for you to learn the best way to efficiently use the bike to your full advantage.

2. They are very affordable

Hardtail electric mountain bikes are without a doubt the most cost-efficient electric mountain bike one can buy. They cost, on average, around $650 brand new whereas most other electric mountain bikes cost around $1000 straight off the line. This means they are a very good choice for someone looking for a good, sturdy bike but don’t have endless amounts of money to spend on one.

Not only are hardtail electric mountain bikes easy on the pocket, they are also easy to maintain. The spare parts you may need for repairs are easy to find and very cost-efficient, making hardtail electric mountain bikes one of the most affordable bikes on the market currently.

3. They are very easy to maintain

Thanks to the design of hardtail electric mountain bikes, they are devilishly easy to maintain. This is mainly due to the fact that hardtail mountain bikes have no rear-suspension. On almost every other model of mountain bike, replacing the suspension is not only a very time-consuming task, it is also quite costly.

You won’t be needing to put fresh bearing into your frame once a year with a hardtail, or even better, you won’t be needing to pay someone else to do it for you. This simple feature, or lack thereof, means you will be saving a lot on maintenance costs, which you could rather use to upgrade your bike!

Hardtails are also a lot easier to clean than most other mountain bike models. Because of its design, you won’t have to manipulate brushes in or around linkages, nor will you have to pick mud and debris out of the nooks and crannies of a bike’s full suspension, which will save you an immeasurable amount of time and work.

4. They’re extremely durable and well-built

When it comes to electric mountain bikes, it is very important that you have one that is very durable. You don’t want one that will need to be repaired constantly, or that will break in the middle of a mountain path and leave you stranded.

Thanks to a hardtail electric mountain bikes simple, straightforward design, they are very durable and will take you through the toughest of trails without difficulty. This is, as we previously mentioned, due to the fact that hardtails have no suspension for you to worry about, and therefore no suspension to break or damaged.

The chains on a hardtail are also very easy to replace should the chain on your bike snap in the middle of a ride. They are also very cheap to purchase and can be found both online and in store very easily, which will save you time and money in the long run.

Hardtail electric mountain bikes are not only very well built, but they are also very simple and easy for the user to learn how to use it to their full advantage. To sum it up, hardtails are built to last.

5. They are very versatile

With most models of the best electric mountain bikes, you will need to stick to a certain trail/path type but not with hardtail electric mountain bikes. A hardtail is arguably one of the most versatile mountain bikes on the market, and an electric one even more so.

But what is it that makes them so versatile exactly? Not only does a hardtail electric mountain bike make the most of mellow, easy trails but it’ll also take you down steeper, more dangerous mountain paths, as long as your legs can handle the pressure and abuse that is. A hardtail electric mountain bike is designed to handle the toughest possible terrains.

They are also very good bikes for use during the winter months. With no suspension to freeze up, and a simple, sturdy motor, you are unlikely to be stranded when riding a hardtail. They are, in general, amazing all-weather electric mountain bikes and can take on any challenge you wish to put it through.


To conclude, a hardtail electric mountain bike is an excellent, worthwhile investment. Not only are they are very easy on the pocket, which makes them perfect for any budget type, but they are very affordable to maintain. They are perfect for both beginners and veterans and will support you through any bike trail you wish to ride and can help you understand the trails better than you did before. They are also perfect for use in any weather condition and won’t break with the slightest bit of abuse.

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