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Delving into Sleep Deficiency and Strategies for Enhancing Your Sleep Quality

In today’s fast-paced world, numerous distractions hinder our ability to attain a good night’s sleep. Whether it’s work-related stress or the constant barrage of notifications on our handheld devices, an increasing number of individuals are devoting less time to obtaining the essential, rejuvenating rest compared to previous generations. Shockingly, a significant portion—35.2%—of American adults report insufficient sleep on a daily basis.

Unchecked, this lack of restorative sleep can accumulate into a phenomenon known as sleep debt, resulting in a myriad of adverse mental and physical health consequences. Moreover, it can detrimentally affect one’s performance in the workplace, consequently impacting their career trajectory and long-term financial aspirations. Check out the following infographic to learn more about the concept of sleep debt, its associated issues, and practical strategies to facilitate a better quality of sleep.

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