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Pregnancy Testing Timeline: First, Second, and Third Trimester Essentials

Pregnancy is a remarkable journey filled with anticipation, excitement, and numerous changes. To ensure both mother and baby remain healthy throughout this journey, routine testing is a crucial component of prenatal care. Each trimester of pregnancy comes with its own set of essential tests and screenings designed to monitor the well-being and development of the baby, as well as the health of the mother. Understanding what to expect during each phase can help alleviate concerns and prepare you for the various stages of pregnancy. In “Pregnancy Testing Timeline: First, Second, and Third Trimester Essentials,” we provide a comprehensive overview of the important tests and screenings you’ll encounter throughout your pregnancy. This guide aims to inform and empower expectant parents, offering valuable insights into the purpose and timing of each test.

Check out the detailed infographic below to learn more about the essential tests for each trimester and ensure a healthy pregnancy journey.

Infographic provided by a surrogacy services international company, International Surrogacy Center

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