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Lose Weight With The Help of Exercise At Home

With growing intake of junk food and inclusion of unhealthy diet, it has become extremely common to find people overweight and unhealthy. But besides this, everyone wants to stay fit and healthy and maintain proper weight. But both the things don’t go hand in hand. In order to lose weight, one needs to let go of the junk intakes and do some physical exercise. Physical exercise at the cost of money is not affordable to all or may be because of busy schedule, it’s difficult to arrange time to hit the gym. So here we are going to tell you how to lose weight in 5 days with exercise at home. The techniques are unbelievably simple for all agog to carry out and lose weight with ease without even having to spend single penny or depending on any trainer. 

Bicycle with crunches:

It is as effective as any other exercises one would perform at the gym, because it not only burns calories and fats but also makes your abs stronger. When you do this exercise you are completely on your own. All you need to do is just lie down on your back, stretch your legs and lift one knee and move it to your chest and touch it and move your opposite elbow to touch it. Repeat this from opposite leg too several times. This would burn a lot of calories and fats and help you lose weight.

Pull ups:

This is an exercise for which you would need a hanging bar. You must have seen people in the parks hanging with a bar and pulling themselves up and down the bar. This is what you have to do. Put your hands on the bar and try to pull yourself up and touch your chest to the bar and again pull yourself down. Repeat this exercise several times a day. This helps in burning the calories of your arms and biceps and hence reduces their weight.

Push ups:

This is such an exercise which people of all age do. This is the basic exercise that every person does irrespective of the age. All you need to do is lie down with your face down and put both of your hands parallel to your chest and push yourself up and then go down and touch your chest to the floor. Repeat this several times. This exercise burns the fats in your chest region, biceps and triceps.

Running on the spot:

This is the simplest of all exercises as this doesn’t require any extra labour. All you need to do is jog on the spot you are standing. This lightens the calf muscles, thighs and shoulders. This also improves the heart rate. Three more you jog, the more quickly you burn fats.


Losing weight and staying fit simultaneously is not difficult, all one needs is strong will and some time out of the schedule to exercise. If one does such exercises regularly then the person is guaranteed to stay healthy and most importantly lose the desired weight. So run, jump, workout and stay fit!

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