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India as a Preferred Destination for Cancer Treatment

Cancer or a malignant growth or tumour is a disease caused by an unrestrained division of atypical cells in one’s body part. It can develop in blood or any one part of the body and then may or may not expand to other parts. With the significantly growing cases of cancer worldwide, much medical advancements have been made to offer world-class care and treatment to the patients suffering from this life-threatening disease. India is one of the most preferred countries in the world for availing cancer treatment as it offers the most advantageous treatment by some highly experienced doctors and surgeons, and that too, at cheaper prices. Let us know more about the types of treatments available and cancer treatment cost.

Types of Cancer Treatment

Depending on the type of cancer and how advanced it is, there are many types of cancer treatments available in India. It is noteworthy that whereas in some cases, cancer patients undergo only one treatment, but in most cases, they have to undergo a combination of treatments, for better and quicker results. So, do not forget to inquire about all the following treatments, how they work against cancer, their pros, cons, side-effects and much more, because starting your battle with cancer:


One of the most sought-after treatment options available, surgery is an advanced procedure, wherein the surgeon removes cancer from the patient’s body.

Radiation Therapy

In this popular cancer treatment, high doses of radiation are used to shrink tumours and kill cancer cells.


Highly associated with cancer treatment, chemotherapy uses drugs to kill cancer cells.


This is an advanced type of treatment that equips the patient’s immune system fight cancer.

Targeted Therapy

This type of cancer treatment simply targets and stops the cancer cells from growing, dividing, and further spreading.

Hormone Therapy

An ideal treatment for breast and prostate cancers, this one slows or stops the development of cancer that use hormones to grow.

Stem Cell Transplant

In this procedure, blood-forming stem cells, which are destroyed by very high doses of radiation therapy or chemotherapy, are restored in cancer patients.

Precision Medicine

This type of treatment helps doctors choose treatments that are highly likely to help patients, on the basis of a comprehensive genetic knowhow of their disease.

Cancer Treatment

People around the world trust Indian doctors and medicine since ages and presently, India is a hub for optimum and affordable cancer treatment. Amalgamating treatment, expertise and hospitality, which is even better than some developed countries, India also brings forth a wide range of affordable cancer treatments, reputed hospitals, state-of-the-art technology, and trained doctors, surgeons and medical staff.

Cost of Cancer Treatment

Although the cost of cancer treatment in India highly depends on the type, stage, nature and extent of the cancer, it is pretty much almost half of the cost, charged in many other countries. Giving a sigh of relief to the cancer patients living abroad, this fact is attracting a lot of medical tourists from different parts of the world to India. In general, the costs of cancer treatments are as follows:

Radiation Therapy starts from USD 2000

Chemotherapy starts from USD 500 per cycle

Surgery starts from USD 3000

Immunotherapy starts from USD 1200

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