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How to lose weight naturally

Everyone wants to look good and maintain a fit and healthy physique. Healthy body not only boosts your confidence but also enhances your self esteem. A healthy body and a healthy mind goes side by side. So in this daily stressful high work pressure world, everyone eventually ignores health. So due to sedentary lifestyle, obesity has become a major problem in this generation.

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Not only sedentary lifestyle but bad food habits also contributes to obesity. Along with obesity there comes severe inevitable diseases, which are not only wealth draining but also painful.

But I am not here to make you panic portraying the ill effects of obesity. I am here to provide you some tips on ” How to lose weight naturally ” which will go not only keeping pace with your daily tight schedule but also highly affordable. I have described them below.

1. Change your food habits

lose weight naturally tips

First of all try to change your food habits. You have to replace your high calorie rich junk, processed and sugar rich foods with healthy ones. The more the food gets processed the more our body takes time to digest them. So try to keep it simple and take natural foods instead of processed and packaged ones. Processed foods are not only calorie rich but also disease instigators. So try to consume cooked foods, vegetables, fruits, and complex carbohydrates rich food rather than simple carbs to your diet.

Take small amount of meals rather than a heavy one. Your digestive system will process small amount easily. So small amount of food will not burden your digestive system.

2.  Keep monitoring your calorie intake

lose weight naturally blog

The simple thing about weight gain is calorie surplus. On an average an adult man needs 3500 calories to meet the daily requirements of our body. So if you cut down only 500 calories energy from your food daily, then you will loose on an average 0.5 lbs of weight per week. So track your daily calorie count, which will help you a lot.

3.  Eat more fiber and Protein

lose weight naturally

Fiber is a type of carbohydrate, which our body can’t digest. It helps in good digestion. Protein makes you feel full for a longer time. If you will consume food mixing with high fiber and protein, then blood sugar level will not go up drastically. So your body will digest food slowly by which you will not gain weight.

4.  Focus on mindful eating

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Try to concentrate on eating only when you are sitting to consume foods. The more you get concentrated, the more you chew, the less your body takes food. If you are doing other things along with eating, then you will end up consuming more calories than actual need of our body. So try to chew more till food transforms into a jelly like substance before engulfing. The more jelly like and simple the food gets after chewing, the less our digestive system will struggle to digest them. So try to chew 20-24 times after taking one mouthful food for proper digestion.

5.  Add some Cardio workouts to your daily routine

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Cardio exercises are the best workouts which burn much more calories than any other exercises. So try to workout for 30 mins per day for better results. Because for 30 minutes of exercise our body uses energy from carbohydrates. After 30 minutes our fat portion are being used to provide energy. So we can shredd fat if we do more exercise for more than 30 minutes.

You can do mountain climbing exercise, skipping,  jumping jacks, burpees like Cardios as home workouts.

6.  Drink more water

lose weight blog tips

As human body is made up of more than 70% of water, water is really one of the most important elements of our daily life. Water not only improves absorption of nutrients but also makes you eat less. So drink 2-3 litres of water daily for good health.

7.  Reduce salt and cold drinks intake

lose weight blog

Salt actually retains water, so helps in increasing weight and blood pressure. So reduce salt intake.

Along with salt limit your cold drink consumption. Cold drinks are nothing but only empty calories. So for the sake of taste only, don’t over burden your body.

These are some of the tips to shred weight naturally. Follow this schedule 5-6 days per week for good results.

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