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Embracing Holistic Wellness: Fitness Trends and Beyond

By Samantha Clayton, OLY, M.S., ISSA-CPT, Vice President, Sports Performance and Fitness Education and Vice Chair, Fitness Advisory Board at Herbalife

It seems that each year follows a pattern, with people setting a goal to improve their health and being excited to start their fitness and healthy active lifestyle journey. This excitement is often fueled by the possibility of getting great results and trying new gadgets, apps, or styles of exercise. 2023 was the year of getting back into the gym, community fitness connections and hybrid styles of exercise that seamlessly blended tried and true favorites like Pilates and strength training, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIITT) with barre and running with core training.

Beyond the desire to look good, people are recognizing the importance of fitness for day-to-day activities and valuing it as a fundamental aspect of overall well-being. Holistic wellness is here to stay– recognizing that physical health is intertwined with mental well-being, nutrition, and quality rest.

Getting active in the new year will be easier than ever because technology, innovation and sports science concepts have evolved promising to make 2024 a great year to focus on getting fit and living your best life.

Below are some predictions on what will be trending in 2024.

Fitness tracking devices

Fitness tracking is taking on a more sophisticated approach. New technology delves into not only how much you’re moving, but how much you are resting, how efficient you are, how your heart rate is fluctuating and more. This tracking is available and displayed to users in a way that feels intuitive and easy to understand. There are several wearable trackers on the market including watches, rings, and apps that all provide information to help users understand their lifestyle habits. While there is no perfect algorithm that’s 100% accurate there are studies that suggest people who use tracking devices tend to be more accountable and exercise more than those who do not use them.While the fitness and health tracking space is becoming increasingly competitive, there are cost options to suit all budgets and all levels of exercise, from beginners to seasoned pros. Serving as a great accountability partner, tracking devices will continue to trend in the new year.


Not a new style of exercise, but it is one that continues to gain momentum as a go to mode of exerciser for many. Pilates dates as far back as the 1920’s but because it’s so effective it is a trend that has and will continue to be front and center in the fitness world. The longevity and popularity of Pilates has been said to be driven by the body confidence, muscle tone and overall muscular stability that participants experience, without the high impact movements that other styles of exercise often require. For the past few years, we have also witnessed fun blends of exercise that have combined boxing and Pilates (Piloxing), weight training and Pilates, as well as combination classes that utilize both mat and reformer styles. You can practice and enjoy the benefits of Pilates from your own home with on-demand classes or alongside others at your local studio.

The Running experience

Running is here to stay (a favorite of mine). In fact, running events from 5k all the way up to full marathons saw a surge in popularity across the United States in 2022 and many races, including Marathons and Turkey Trots, in the U.S. had record-breaking participation in 2023.

Running is a fantastic mode of exercise for building cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, and strength. Additionally, studies suggest that the mental health benefits of running are vast, especially related to improved mood. There is a low barrier to entry for running because all you need is some good shoes and the enthusiasm to get up and go. The great news for those who prefer to walk is that the benefits of walking are just as impressive as running.

Embracing the community

In the post-pandemic environment, group fitness is maintaining its popularity. People have been drawn back to in-person classes including spin, dance and bootcamps. The community fitness setting helps to keep people accountable and motivated to stick with a fitness plan when they have the support of the community. Specific styles that were a hit at fitness conventions this year include HIIT, core training, step aerobics and band training.

AI driven Personalization

The personalized fitness experience will be a mega trend over the next few years. In combination with tracking devices Ai promises to revolutionize exercise programming to meet each individual where they are in their health journey, as well as guide them toward their own personal fitness goals. Ai algorithms in apps are continuing to evolve and will be able to guide users through various routines to get in shape.

Holistic and targeted approaches

People are more aware than ever on the importance of subscribing to a well-rounded approach. Fitness is just one pillar of the strategy for achieving optimal health. A holistic approach that includes good nutrition habits, good lifestyle choices, stress reduction and improved sleep habits is increasingly becoming the norm. The message that “you can’t out train a bad diet” is resonating with a growing audience. In addition to this well-rounded focus, targeted programs that are geared toward special populations such as diabetes prevention, post pregnancy, anti- aging or rehabilitation-based fitness is trending. People want to be specific and not waste time and the industry is listening and providing innovative solutions.

In 2024, I encourage everyone to join the movement towards holistic wellness, and embrace a lifestyle that nurtures our body, mind, and spirit. Here’s to a year of prioritizing health, embracing holistic wellness, and living our best lives.

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