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Dental Care Tips For Kids: How to take care of your child’s teeth

Healthy teeth an gum are important for the overall health of your child. We do not realize how important role the teeth play in our personality. The health of our teeth can be altered by minute carelessness at the part of our eating habits. It is mostly a lifestyle problem and by changing our lifestyle, taking some care of it we can prevent our teeth from getting bad at an early age. Poor oral health can lead to infection, gum diseases and other or teeth problems.

Tooth problems in kids can be worse given their habit of kipping important meals of the day and indulging themselves in binge eating of junk foods and carbonated drinks. Taking of the teeth cannot be ignored by a person of any age. Make sure you educate your kids about the dental issues at the very start and help them understand the important of oral hygiene.

The most important thing is to set a dental routine for them:

  • Make sure that they brush their teeth twice daily
  • Stand with them as they brush their teeth and so not let them run away for it
  • As soon as they grow a little old, ask them to floss their tooth regularly too
  • Kids do not like the taste of the toothpaste. Ask your dentist and get them a toothpaste that they like
  • Try reading out their favourite stories and link oral health to the characters. This would make them more eager to brush their teeth.
  • Stand with them as they brush their teeth and link it with some other fun activity so that they do not miss on it.
  • You can reward your kids for taking good care of their teeth,. that way they would pay more attention just to get the rewards.

These are few basic tips you can follow to set a proper dental routine for them

Fluoride is important for the child’s dental health. It reduces cavities and also makes the tooth stronger by strengthening the enamel. Many cities have fluoride induced water. But the ones that do not get that water supply, the parents can add fluoride tooth paste or a fluoride based mouthwash in the dental routine. Be sure to not use fluoride in excess quantity. Fluoride is strong and too much of it can cause tooth stains and be harmful for the health. While using a fluoride based mouthwash, also be sure that the kids do not swallow the mouthwash.

Cavities are holes that form in the teeth after the bacteria attack. The germs start building up in the mouth and cause infection. Sugary foods and drinks are the most harmful for kids. The sugar turns into acid that can eat away the enamel from the teeth, making it more vulnerable to the bacteria attack. People with cavities can pass the cavity causing bacteria to the unborn babies and infants so make sure that your child is safe from that.

Cavities is left untreated can lead to tooth decay. The tooth decay treatment can be too much for the kids and it is better to take necessary precautions than to make them go through it.

The cavities can easily be detected. Look for the following signs to check if your kid has cavities or not-

  • White spots or brown areas on the teeth
  • Any ongoing dental treatment
  • Not visiting the dentist regularly
  • Premature birth

To maintain their oral health make sure that your kids have a proper diet. Leafy vegetable and fruits rich in vitamin C are really good for the child’s oral health. Milk and dairy products are a rich source of Calcium. Calcium strengthens the tooth enamel and makes the tooth stronger. Add them to the diet of the kids. Make them stay away from sports drinks, processed juices and carbonated drinks as they are like poison to the teeth.

Taking care of the kids oral health is tough but it shouldn’t be side cast or ignored. The habits they develop as a kid stays with them for a very long period of time and any carelessness in their health at the beginning can have a lot of negative impact on their dental health in the future.

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