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Are You a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction?

Overly large and heavy breasts can lead to physical, emotional, and other health problems. They can cause negative self-image issues and physical pain or discomfort, including back, shoulder, and neck pain. 

Besides, large breasts come with minimal bra and outfit options and could limit you from achieving your body goals due to problems in completing physical activities.

While some women may consider breast reduction for aesthetic purposes, some choose it for medical reasons. The process involves removing excess breast tissue, sagging skin, and fat, leaving the breasts firmer, smaller, and lighter. 

The results of a breast reduction surgery are mind-blowing. But not everyone qualifies for the surgery, even with large breasts. Below are some factors that may make you the ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery.

Should Be In Good Health

You should be in a good if not perfect physical and emotional state if you’re contemplating a breast reduction procedure. 

It’s advisable to divulge your medical history, including current illness, medication, and immunization, to the medical practitioner. Also, the nurse on staff is likely to check your temperature, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and respiratory rate before you get the go-ahead for surgery.

All the above factors impact breast reduction recovery times. They’ll help your clinician determine possible risks and devise measures to avoid complications.

Have Realistic Goals and Expectations

People seeking breast reduction services should understand how breast reduction works, including the possible outcomes. You should discuss your goals, objectives, and expected outcomes with your surgeon and ask any questions you may have. That will help the surgeon plan and custom-tailor services to achieve your desires.

However, it’s vital to be flexible with the expectations after a breast reduction procedure. Having an image in mind and getting the actual results are two different things. Anyone who expects perfect-looking breasts might be thinking about the wrong surgery. 

What’s more important is getting lighter, symmetrical, and well-balanced breasts rather than the perfect, surreal look.

Want the Procedure for Yourself, Not Out of Pressure

Breast reduction is a life-changing experience. Like any other procedure, it comes with potential risks and complications. Therefore, you should consider the surgery for your good, rather than bowing to pressure from other people’s expectations. It would be unfortunate to undergo surgery and not like the result, especially if you weren’t on board in the first place.

You must be comfortable with the process and the results, usually smaller and firmer breasts. In the end, the surgery can help improve your self-esteem as you’ll feel more comfortable in your skin and shape. But it starts with wanting a breast reduction for YOU!

Have Certain Areas and Conditions You’re Looking to Improve

An ideal breast surgery candidate should have a set objective or be looking forward to correcting or improving a specific aspect of their life. For instance, oversized breasts can negatively affect your self-esteem and make it hard to achieve personal goals. They may also cause skin rashes or back and neck pains from wearing tight bras. That may prompt you to reduce the breast size to correct the situation. These medical and personal reasons make you a perfect candidate for breast reduction. Before getting a breast reduction, understand how it works. Gather information, and most importantly, choose the right plastic surgeon. Otherwise, don’t let fear hold you back from your dream body.

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